Tuesday, October 25, 2011

what i had

actually wanted to do was explode. like in scream. but, couldn't alarm the kids. i think i was just craving expression. had not written. had not read. was not cooking a lot. so, two nights ago after feeding them dinner...

i chanced upon a can of paint from two years ago

i removed a cupboard door. it was already falling apart. painted the shelf golden!

with silver trim...

painted a nook silver with golden trim :)

three years ago to this day, we moved into our apartment. it was also a diwali day just like today. happy budday to our home and happy diwali to the world :)

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


i learnt on flickr -

.... that you can always find something positive about any picture, whether you like it or not. it is harder to remember why you ever married your husband on bad days.

.... your comments and faves are (more often than not) reciprocated. not always the case in real time.

.... there is no dearth of beauty. nor of elegance. nor of comfort. all we need is to behold.

.... freindships are born of the heart. of a connection. it has nothing to do with your finances or education. it is more a way of seeing things the (more or less) the same way.

which is why i prefer hobnobbing with flickratti, rather than deal with people in the real world.

Monday, October 10, 2011


i felt sorry for the apples lying unwanted...


... and, i felt like a picnic.


was sorting the weekly laundry. with every dress the day came back, bringing with it the memories. reliving now. tumultuous as some maybe, the scenes streaming in my mind, like the TV in the background.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

the hot afternoon sun

blazes in through the tinted windows of the taxi. i am on the way to a theatre festival, in which my six year old is participating. nothing genius like. there are so many children participating in the dances following the actual play, that the school has three days holidays to accommodate the seven shows.

the husband has acute laryngitis. exhaustion and pain. sitting for four hours to watch the only three minute dance you want to watch does not seem worth it. add to that, a hyperactive four year old who does not, will not, understand the concept of 'sit' and 'wait.' it is easy to spend time on the play station. they do just that.

i have been taught the basics of camcorder recording. i pray i'll get a decent seat. decent enough to sit and record rather than walking in the hall to get a visual angle. my knees shake when i have to bring out the camera in public. the video-thingie is even worse. always been the husband's prerogative.

but, in the hot AC cab, all i can think of what the daughter will say when she sees me alone. the first thing she'll ask me is where her acha is. where avi is. then, try as i might to be lightning quick to wave my magic wand of cheerful distraction, disappointment will flit through her face. her bright eyes will get dark, an invisible curtain falling to seal the sadness within.

the play is brilliant, considering they are school kids. the dances are good, especially if you have your child gesticulating and hopping in what she considers to be dance steps. i get a good seat. middle row balcony. i zoom in to get the nuances, zoom out to get the whole picture. i am ever so slightly conscious of being single. never happened for once in the last almost seven years.

the dance over, i can enjoy other programmes without the stress of getting it right. the recording. oh. close the shutter thingie. switch of that button. Ting! red light comes on. i forgot to press record. i sit there in my good seat without seeing the twelve dances that follow.


Monday, October 3, 2011


trh - oct4'11

trh - oct4'11


people on flickr, sorry for kukku overload. but, these are for Sindhu, not on flickr :)

Saturday, October 1, 2011

dear people,

dear world, kukku is back. no, she didn't fly back in. remember the posters we put up in our neighbourhood. well, we got a call this morning saying they had found her yesterday morning to be precise. she was being attacked by crows in the terrace of their building, a short walking distance from where we stay.

we have no record of what happened, where she went before she was caught! but, right now she is back in her cage, too frightened to peep. she is nicely showered and pecking on her sunflower seeds as of now.

am exhausted with happiness and excitement!