Friday, October 19, 2012

saying it with flowers

    i was never big on flowers. they took their time finding a place in my heart. even now, i have not entirely succumbed to their charm and beauty. the two or three that bloom every two three weeks find their place in the living room, in my daily pictures, in conversations that must bore the heck out of the other mothers at the bus stop and since the cover photos started on facebook, updated immediately with glee. 

    on my Friday jaunts through the fresh farm produce, i pass through men and women weaving garlands in time for the morning prayers in the temple. flowers by the roadside increase during the festival season. this morning i found these ~
trh - saying it with flowers

last week, the son had to make rangoli in school. what was left of the flowers i hurriedly bought ~

when i bought some yellow roses to cheer my sunny house ~
trh - saying it with flowers

it being the month of the Holy Rosary, this little statuette of her stayed with me for a day before moving onto the next house ~
at thy feet.

the orange gerberas bloomed together in my teeny balcony garden ~
once your mind is calm

in the company of the fragrant frangipani from my now dead plant ~
no more Monday blues

plucked from the pathway downstairs ~

weeds from the roadside are VIPs in my house ~