Sunday, November 24, 2013


there is a change in the air. 
a nip in the mornings and fog clouding the tall trees. 
the leaves are falling. 
the birdcalls in the early morning sound different.
even in the little tropical haven in Kerala, i now live in, there is an unmistakable change in the air. 
enough to shake me out of hibernation.


its has been a long monsoons this time. 
one that drenched Onam, Kerala's harvest festival,
which is meant to be bright and sun-shiny
 and cheered with flowers.
the rains have continued with almost no break
into the thunderstorms characteristic of the Malayali month of thulaam.


my camera sank in the depths of the damp, 
as did one of my most prized lenses.
they are both resting in the sick shelf of my room,
along with my Macbook - my window to the world.
but, the bursts of sunshine 
has inspired us enough to put our sparkle on. 
and, shimmer in the sunlight.


the rains continue,
sometimes not stopping for hours.
despite the cloudy gloom
and the sodden grounds,
the feeling that better things are yet to come 
manages to reign strong.


Christmas is not far away.
things will look up.

i do love leaves!