Friday, July 29, 2011

i was smiling

....when I started reading the mail because it started with "slice washed brinjals lengthwise..." It reminds me of my mom. Till date, she always tells me to wash the vegetables or whatever, everytime she recites me a new recipe. No, sometimes, I wonder if she'll ever think of me as a grown-up. But, most times, I am glad me, and everything me does, is still taken care of so preciously.

I digress and how! Slice washed brinjal lenghtwise into thin wedges. Slice onions the same way. Pour oil in a non-stick pan. Add a little garam masala, turmeric powder, red chilli powder and when the raw smell changes add the sliced vegetables along with curry leaves and slit green chillies. Add salt to taste and keep sauteing. When nicely fried, serve with hot chappatis or white rice and curd.

brinjal fry for TTL

I cooked it covered for sometime and when done, sprinkled some chopped coriander leaves and let simmer for another two minutes under the lid. And, if you have phulkas ballooning on the stove right about when you lift the lid... I bet you can't have just one roti standing by the stove, right from the pan. The merging aromas are the perfect combination of comfort and bliss, sigh, I had two then and there.

got this recipe as part of an exchange-recipe-forward-to twelve-thingie. thank you Rosemary Francis, a friend of a friend, for this hearty, homely recipe :)

Thursday, July 28, 2011


this morning, we found the soap dish was in the other bathroom. not accessible through the locked bedroom door as the man of the house had arrived early morning and was looking to sleep till lunch. so, i gave little missy some of my face wash.

after scrubbing her face clean, she ran to the wardrobe mirror to look at herself. as we were going through the hurriedly-shoving-pulling-down-clothes routine as we got ready for school, she asks of she can tell her teacher she used face wash.

i said, it was not required. but, she said, what if she asks about my glowing skin?

aaargh, TV commercials :)

good morning kukku

Saturday morning dawns gloomy and grey. she has had two dozes of cough syrup the night before and can barely open her eyes. i make sure she 'expressly' tells me she wants to sleep rather than attend skating classes, her favourite part of first standard, as she says.

then, she wakes up almost an hour after, wondering if she is late for skating classes. i tell her all that happened and asks if she doesn't remember it at all. she smiles sheepishly, ever so sweetly and tells me she must have been talking in her dream!


she insists on using clinic plus shampoo so she can get flying, bouncing hair just like on TV.

an afternoon,

some sun, the lovely feeling of dryness, weekend on the horizon and makings of sambhar.




@faroutakhtar or Farhan Akhtar has mentioned in his tweet that he'll be taking the next ten days to plan out his 2012. i thought cool! 2012 is a leap year. is anyone else chalking out plans for the year? daily-photo-projects, 100-words-a-day-project, wipe-kitchen-counter-clean-after-washing-dishes-before-going-to-bed-project, cleansing-toning-moiturising-project. any ideas?

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

keeping me warm

i'd be lying if i didn't say that a beautiful picture from Shalini hadn't inspired me to want the quietness and the warmth that was so hauntingly portrayed. so, i put on my creativity dupatta and came up with this.


two glass jars, crystal salt (always found at home to clean the aquarium filter), some pink food colour, tea lights and i sometimes light these up for my solitary breakfasts of tea, toast and rain!



as if we actually wear all those hats :D

Saturday, July 23, 2011

i want

to learn marathi. so that i can parlay as a local and be told the right price rather than be quoted extra (sometimes exorbitant) sums thinking i can be taken for a ride. its a running joke that when a policeman stops you, he charges rs100 from the English speaking, rs50 from the Hindi speaking and rs20 from the Marathi speaking!

this morning, had to take the daughter for skating classes to school. so, we rushed to the rickshaw stand, where the lone rickshaw driver said he'll take us all the way only for rs100. i told him it was ridiculous because i do this stint at least twice a week because that's how many times we miss one of the school buses in a good week.

this man refused to budge. luckily, an empty rickshaw was passing by and we hailed it and thankfully he remembered me from the umpteen trips to school in his rickshaw. we reached acceptably late, but were told at the school gate that the kids had been notified of the cancellation of today's skating classes.

the confusion was cleared when i figured out that the daughter's class teacher had been on leave yesterday. hence, the kids in her class were not properly notified, that is written in school diaries and signed by the teacher!

well, then we had to walk half a kilometre to the nearest rickshaw stand (can't believe that the lack of traffic nearby was one of the pluses i found in the school), where i was quoted rs100 again. this time i did not have the will to fight, though i did tell him it was not right. he had the decency (really?) to charge an extra ten bucks.

pointless. pointless, this morning, yaar. i am going to order pizza tonight and drown my moroseness in cranberry or whatever breezers. happy weekend to you all.

Camera Roll-12
opposite the shop where we buy chicken

this happened in Navi Mumbai.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

giving in

and typing utterly random stuff zooming in the mind. breaking my self-imposed rule of writing purposefully. yes my dears, that was what all the previous posts were about. writing with a purpose :)

the husBand likes Kalki Koechlin, in the same category as his first loVe Catherine Zeta JOnes. not surprising, but unsettling a little, i thouGht.

trying to shut my mind to the demanding tasks that need to be done as i curl my toes under the blanket of my unmade bed, three pairs of pyjamas strewn across and believe it or not, a pair of Bata chappals (my son's). yes, on the bed!

have to oil and wash my hair. so dry now, they break in stead of falling.

confession. watched zindagi Na Milegi DObara Saturdya night and the last Harry Potter movie Sunday night. booked tickets for Monday morning show of Zindgai Na Milegi Dobara SUnday night. after packing the kids off to school, I rushed to catch the movie all over again!

what i need is not orGanising and deClutteRing, but the will to keep stuff back from where i took it as soon as i am done with it.

intrigued by minimalism these days.

laundry. aArgh!

right. so its not possible to think through a post with all my chores screaming at me from all corners of my mind. so, after this cup of tea, i'll be up and the first task, make the beds. the laundry. uff!


Monday, July 18, 2011

"please Harish,

... let's watch 'zindagi na milegi dobara.' please, please, please," I pleaded and coaxed, and I huffed and I puffed, I whined and cajoled, and I huffed and I puffed, till he booked tickets for the 10.30 pm show last Saturday night.

The kids, well-fed by then, slept after the tomatina-festival-song and their father was nodding away in another ten minutes. But, me, I enjoyed the movie. Also, the footage criticized as tourism promos of Spain. It transported me to the possibilities of what could be.

No. Not a holiday in Spain or anywhere else for that matter. But, the possibility that you can face your fears, inhibitions, things holding you back... and, deal with it. There is this scene that touched my heart, that of Hrithik crying after his first deep sea dive, despite him not knowing how to swim.

I should have told you two paragraphs ago that this movie is about a bachelor road trip by three school buddies wherein each was forced to face and fight his fear interspersed with a lot of masala, filmy stuff that I just love about Hindi movies.

But, think about it. To be able to fight and let go of that baggage that binds us. What an enormous load off our backs! Or, let' s put it this way, when the weather's like this....


.... you just got to find your own sunshine.


Have a happy and productive week ahead :)

Friday, July 1, 2011

the dog,

the bloody dog, got my dictionary. Not just some dictionary. But, one that I have been lugging around since my journalism school days. One without which I cannot write more than three complete sentences. No really.


Sigh. Some tears, lots of staring down the dog, a little bit of inspiration, lots of gloopy glue and a pretty shirt that does not become my pear-shaped-voluptuousness (I could just say fat thighs, but, you know) anymore...


....and I feel like I live in a land filled with sunshine, fluttering butterflies, frog princes, magical lanterns and polka.

I also get carried away :)