Thursday, July 28, 2011


this morning, we found the soap dish was in the other bathroom. not accessible through the locked bedroom door as the man of the house had arrived early morning and was looking to sleep till lunch. so, i gave little missy some of my face wash.

after scrubbing her face clean, she ran to the wardrobe mirror to look at herself. as we were going through the hurriedly-shoving-pulling-down-clothes routine as we got ready for school, she asks of she can tell her teacher she used face wash.

i said, it was not required. but, she said, what if she asks about my glowing skin?

aaargh, TV commercials :)

good morning kukku

Saturday morning dawns gloomy and grey. she has had two dozes of cough syrup the night before and can barely open her eyes. i make sure she 'expressly' tells me she wants to sleep rather than attend skating classes, her favourite part of first standard, as she says.

then, she wakes up almost an hour after, wondering if she is late for skating classes. i tell her all that happened and asks if she doesn't remember it at all. she smiles sheepishly, ever so sweetly and tells me she must have been talking in her dream!


she insists on using clinic plus shampoo so she can get flying, bouncing hair just like on TV.


Shalini said...

Oh dear, I can imagine such reactions in my future.

shilpa said...

i'll bet her chatter will warm you on rainy days and will feel like the cool breeze in summer. also, their matter-of-fact-ness and unpretentiousness surely keep you grounded, cos they say it as it is :)