Wednesday, June 16, 2010

do you know

...what she did last summer? The darling accompanied her mother on walks and discovered with awe the 'touch-me-nots,' chameleons and dragonflies, and lots of flowers!
if I had a single flower

She enjoyed her afternoon jelly sessions as much as she loved helping her grandmother pickle some mangoes in brine. I have to add, this girl loves her pani puri, raw mangoes and imli... does that make me a bad momma?

excuse the poor quality of picture, please :)

Some one insisted on picking flowers everyday so that she could float them in her (grandmother) ammamma's large crystal bowl and other steel utensils. She loved this!

I am sure she hoped her brother who tagged along everywhere would do more than lend moral support :D

Sigh! so much time to to indulge in games by herself!

Some days, we went on an embellishing binge, first sticking sequins on the bird cage...

... and, then on the terracotta chimes...

...and, a play dough bead necklace for me!

And, this is how we left things on the morning we left. I wish I had remembered to click the fridge door, the "painting wall of fame," that was just overflowing with painted papers and crafts.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

this time around

... I was lucky to catch a week of the bright summer sun before the monsoons decided to blow our way. As is the case in Kerala, there were power cuts galore and we, cut away from the town and civilisation, were treated to a full night of black-out. Mom's candles flickered through the night attracting lots of insects because who could sleep with the windows closed in the oppressive humidity there.

The phone lines, and as a result of which the Internet, conked out with the very first thunderstorm. My toddler was feeling up to walks this time around and we did manage several rounds around the house, watched the cows being milked, looked for the pet turtle that didn't show up (unlike last year), picked flowers and watched the dragonflies buzz overhead on cloudy afternoons. Of course, two large tubes of odomos were completely squeezed out for the purpose of 'bite-free' walks.

I am a malayali and my parents live in Northern Kerala. But, no matter where you live in this state, you find coconut trees, baby coconuts and really old coconuts. Be careful walking under the coconut palms! Here is a humble attempt to beautify the crop.

And, then the rains came. And, not without drama. Thunder rumbled and lightning flashed for more than two hours before the dark clouds relented and the parched ground drank it all, enveloping us in the most pleasant smell and really good feelings - just to see the rain fall!

There always was a beautiful soundtrack surrounding us, only the rhythm of the raindrops changed. But, no change of pace deterred the children from splashing in the puddles or simply stand, face and palms upward to the skies, letting the drops soak them through. Did give me a case of the jitters thinking of the unhappiness that would follow if one of them caught a cold or fever, but all went well.

The mosquitoes lessened considerably, the kids were nicely settled in the routine there and we got lots of time to catch up with news of the family from mom and news of my friends and their families from me. Of course, mom missed the picture updates that happens when both of us sit for hours before the computer and she looks through pictures of my friends and their babies on orkut and facebook.

It was a neat break, though, a trip somewhere would have been nice. But, then, these were carefree days sans planning and itinerary, with a pace and cadence all of their own. The true essence of summer holidays - freedom and no set time for anything... oh! except probably for the daily power cut there :)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

long time!

Its been such a long time and really nothing much has happened in between! Its summer no more, but, cool and wet monsoon season now. Its been less than a week that I've been back from the annual holidays spent with the parents and the parents-in-law. A long list of "things to do" awaits me, but, its now time to sit awhile and sip some tea and just BE. Let the chores wait :)