Monday, September 27, 2010

my cozy corner and link party


Thunder may roll, lightning may streak the sky and it might pour for four days and nights in a row, but when I settle down at this corner, I can confidently state, 'this too shall pass!'

Linking up with Patricia's September Cozy Corners... thank you Patty!


Patricia Torres said...

Shilpa... I dont know how I missed such a gorgeous blog before?? I have no clue!! I'm currently following the max limit on blogs.. so have to sort that out.. and will be back to follow yours..

This corner is simply gorgeous.. I'll join you for chai.. whenever I'm invited.. :-)

Thank you so so much for linking in!! :-)

shilpa said...

chai is always ready here, but can't say the same for the cozy corner... usually, it is dishevelled and holds most of the toys :)

had no idea about a maximum limits to follow blogs!!

it was my pleasure to link in, it was a lovely, cosy party, thank you :)

Purnima@a creative project said...

very pretty..warm and cozy!!

shilpa said...

thank you purnima :)