Thursday, December 12, 2013

the little things.

it is true. an attitude of gratitude makes just-enough a feast! in the depth of the lowest of days, there always is a reason to be grateful for. and, more enough than not, I find these moments closely related to my family, my kids especially, and my friends! 

my friends are my guardian angels. and, my daughter and son are little cherubs that can make me forget my splitting headache with their soft kisses and chubby arms around me. they are always so warm and smell so snugly that I just want them to hug me forever!

the little miss holds her creation - snowflakes stickers on bands of green and the golden yellow star

chubby dimpled hands have always fascinated me. and, it's always Ashu, Ashvita, who comes to my mind when i talk of little hands that can be eaten. *cruella laugh* i can safely say i have seen her grow from a baby with a curly mop of hair to this poised and calm five year old, through her pictures.

thumbprint trees.   

her mother, also Shilpa, and i met on flickr and have been friends for over four years. we met once, last year when they had come down to India for diwali. it is, and will be one of my most happy memories for years to come. i can also safely say this, we are more than friends. and, the only part not making us sisters is the name. what parents will give the same name to both their daughters!

 with ribbons stuck and baubles drawn.

when i saw this little bundle of creativity in action, it was more than an inspiration. and, i am overwhelmed and grateful that her mother agreed and spent quite some time photographing, for 'the kitchen window.' all pictures in this post are by Shilpa, and all ideas were executed by five-year-old Ashu.

 minimal. whimsical. just lovely.

 no limits to her creativity.
moustache stickers!

here's presenting diy greeting cards that little children can make. can you imagine the happiness such a card would bring grandparents and uncles and aunts and/or parents who cannot make it to the big day. it would feel like the child sent a part of themselves in the mail.

 thumbprint reindeers!
what did i tell you about edible, sweet hands :)

 and, her personalised goodie bag to carry all the cards she made.

the colourful bands tree.

this is where Shilpa records her exotic travels and her colourful everyday life. thank you Ashu, you are a rockstar. thank you Shilpa, much love.

aren't you guys glad that there is something on the blog, other than me :D

Monday, December 2, 2013

'tis the season to be jolly

i was in the first year of my pre-degree course when my mother's mother, ammachi, had her first cardiac arrest. all phone calls were dotted with the words "heart attack." despite being discharged in a week, she went about her daily routines, always fretting over her husband, his meals, his clothes, his coming, his going. in less than a month she had another near-fatal cardiac arrest.

the bypass surgery was serious, and hardly heard of in Kerala, more than 15 years ago. it was in a hospital not far from our home, but in the neighbouring state. i didn't see mom for weeks. we had a domestic help brought in immediately from a relative's house who managed the kitchen and housework. i learnt to operate the washing machine. 

ammachi stayed on with us for another couple of months. i learnt and met about most relatives on my mother's side in those two months. mom's cousin had started a business in hand loom saris. she came with five saris. mom could not will herself to buy it. but ammachi, she bought one with a border of deep maroon and golden stripes. this was my introduction to how women held onto hope in unravelling circumstances!

it is December. when the lagging year suddenly picks up tempo. a new year is not that far away and its like there is a new lease to life. hope surges. and, i bring you another little diy, a zesty and spicy pomander to match the upbeat mood.


once you perforate the sweet limes with toothpicks, to pierce the cloves into it is simply easy-peasy. even the kids can do it. place it in with chocolates in an antique chest to set the mood for long conversations with friends. or hang it on door knobs to add interest and let the holiday waft in every room!


happy holidays!