Tuesday, September 21, 2010

revel in the sun

It gives me immense pleasure to have some quiet time by myself before I dive into my day with all its chatter and barking and noise...

... a really short time it was, but it has anchored me for today, and well, tomorrow is another day :)

Hope the middle of the week is treating you well!


Shalini said...

Yes, me too exactly. i have to have some quiet time to myself in the mornings too. Love both the pics.

shilpa said...

I know.... and like those quiet moments carry you through the toils and tumoils of each day!!


Patricia Torres said...

Oh gosh!! what lovely lovely!! photographs!!

Patricia Torres said...

How lovely to have quite time.. I only have quiet time on a friday morning... before the kids wake up... On weekdays... the quiet time is only past 8pm.. when the kids are asleep.... Rest of the time... my house is super noisey.. :-)

shilpa said...

I know, which is why a little bit of peace hogs all the attention here :)

thank you, once in a while the light, frame and camera settings align themselves when I click and voila! beautiful shots :D