Wednesday, July 20, 2011

giving in

and typing utterly random stuff zooming in the mind. breaking my self-imposed rule of writing purposefully. yes my dears, that was what all the previous posts were about. writing with a purpose :)

the husBand likes Kalki Koechlin, in the same category as his first loVe Catherine Zeta JOnes. not surprising, but unsettling a little, i thouGht.

trying to shut my mind to the demanding tasks that need to be done as i curl my toes under the blanket of my unmade bed, three pairs of pyjamas strewn across and believe it or not, a pair of Bata chappals (my son's). yes, on the bed!

have to oil and wash my hair. so dry now, they break in stead of falling.

confession. watched zindagi Na Milegi DObara Saturdya night and the last Harry Potter movie Sunday night. booked tickets for Monday morning show of Zindgai Na Milegi Dobara SUnday night. after packing the kids off to school, I rushed to catch the movie all over again!

what i need is not orGanising and deClutteRing, but the will to keep stuff back from where i took it as soon as i am done with it.

intrigued by minimalism these days.

laundry. aArgh!

right. so its not possible to think through a post with all my chores screaming at me from all corners of my mind. so, after this cup of tea, i'll be up and the first task, make the beds. the laundry. uff!



asha said...

Koechlin who? I'm so so dumb in the movie department and in a lot of ways I'm thankful for that, but sometimes it makes me the 'totally uncool' person - so my son says :))
Now I'm also trying to simply have things kept back as soon as it is used - and surprised at the time just that takes. SO instead of getting directly to what I want to jump into, there is a delay! hmm.. not sure I like it too much. Hopefull kids, hubs and me will learn and then we don't count it as time wasted.

Shalini said...

Wow, you saw it twice! I too end up blogging and flickring when I have a ton of chores to do, but just can't figure out where to start. Like now....have a cheesecake half put together, tea half drunk, dried plums stewing which need to be strained before I head buy all the things that I forgot to buy yesterday, which was the trip to buy things that I had forgotten to buy the day before. I know, I know, I need to increase the number of badaams i eat every morning or some such thing.

shilpa said...

arrey! that other lady in the movie yaar :D
hmmm i think i'll make mrs suma mani, my mother, come and house train you on how to keep things back immediately. its a 'compulsive' variation of the clean-up-as-you-go theory of de-cluttering.

shilpa said...

ha ha ha you're joking right? not the part of you forgetting things, the part that eating badams will help! the chaos will continue and there'll be a new madness at every stage. i'll just play my part :)

Shalini said...

Ufff, the cheesecake cracked :-( And yeah, I went to the corner store, and I still forgot a couple of things. Oh yeah, today was one of the days when the madness was in total form.

I love the idea of eating more badaams to improve memory etc. It's just all so simple and straightforward.

shilpa said...

pyari shalini, do not cry over cracked cheese cake. i'm getting visions of delicious chocolate oozing out of the cracks wah!

suhana eats almonds, avi just spits them out. i'm just skeptical of it making me less scatterbrained than what i am. no, not even almonds pch!

Shalini said...

:-) It was yummy....and its half eaten already....and I actually made it for my dad's birthday which is tomorrow and for my brother-in-law's birthday which was yesterday!

I love to start my day with almonds...and tea. Addicted to the combo!

shilpa said...

my birthday is in May. yaad rakhna. you have to bake something shalini.

i know. soaked almonds (when Su is in too much od a hurry to eat them, i do the honours) with tea is yum... and, quite filling!

Shalini said...

May it is! Will make a big cake and have a feast!

shilpa said...

yay! can't wait...