Monday, July 18, 2011

"please Harish,

... let's watch 'zindagi na milegi dobara.' please, please, please," I pleaded and coaxed, and I huffed and I puffed, I whined and cajoled, and I huffed and I puffed, till he booked tickets for the 10.30 pm show last Saturday night.

The kids, well-fed by then, slept after the tomatina-festival-song and their father was nodding away in another ten minutes. But, me, I enjoyed the movie. Also, the footage criticized as tourism promos of Spain. It transported me to the possibilities of what could be.

No. Not a holiday in Spain or anywhere else for that matter. But, the possibility that you can face your fears, inhibitions, things holding you back... and, deal with it. There is this scene that touched my heart, that of Hrithik crying after his first deep sea dive, despite him not knowing how to swim.

I should have told you two paragraphs ago that this movie is about a bachelor road trip by three school buddies wherein each was forced to face and fight his fear interspersed with a lot of masala, filmy stuff that I just love about Hindi movies.

But, think about it. To be able to fight and let go of that baggage that binds us. What an enormous load off our backs! Or, let' s put it this way, when the weather's like this....


.... you just got to find your own sunshine.


Have a happy and productive week ahead :)


asha said...

"when the weather's like this .... ... you just got to find your own sunshine"
Just loved that. Gotta put it up somewhere! Its a long journey - just noticing & then fighting all that gags and binds us. All the best Shilpa :)

shilpa said...

thank you, Asha. it is more a one-step-forward-two-step-backward process for me.

Shalini said...

I like your version of sunshine! I'm no good at the facing-your-fears-overcoming-by-example kind of thing. Just too chicken. I need to do it all slowly and steadily.

shilpa said...

lol. i'm chicken for some, not so much for others. but, identifying them is like half the battle won, i my humble opinion.

Shalini said...

Oh, you have a very valid point about the identifying it all.

shilpa said...

i know. I'm deep that way.

shilpa said...

also, this was posted by Shilpa, my namesake and friend -

"I saw it and loved it too. Esp. the part about facing fears and little mini lessons learned along the way. I can't decide if I like Rithik or Faran's voice more in the song.

I'm not much of movie fan, but last week ended up two I wanted to see. ZNMD and new Harry potter movie. So happy :-)"

shilpa said...

that Hrithik could sing and his soulful voice makes me swoon... *fans herself*

but, to tell you the truth, loved abhay's voice, too. i identify with that voice. all who have heard me sing would vouch for that!