Friday, August 13, 2010

too much too soon

Here I am, rejuvenated enough to see the little ones settling back in school, almost, effortlessly and hopeful of reading all the books I wanted to read, click though beautiful blogs at leisure, settling on my window seat and penning down my thoughts while I listen to the rain…
… when I am rudely awakened by a shrill squawk! There stand my husband and daughter with an African Grey parrot.


This is Kukku, the daughter shrieks and my open mouth and look of utter dismay (to say the least) prompts a sheepish grin from the husband. Kukku has the emotional intelligence of a two year old, he says… and, I am thanking the good Lord that Abi has finally turned three, I humph… the intelligence of a five year old… as if the smartass retorts of our daughter were not enough, I sigh… and a vocabulary of 2000 in another year… as if I don’t talk enough, I whined!


The birdie adapts to us before we do to her. We are more curious and wary that we might hurt her, but she is quite resilient, enjoys and demands attention and quite fun… till the day, the husband decided that kukku needs a friend and stood at the door with a three month old German Shepherd and 12kg of puppy food!


It was nothing but another rude surprise (because I don’t like the word shock) until the pup dodged the kids and friends of the kids, took one sniff of my chipped nail paint and flopped down at my feet there and then. Something between love and joy (or was it both?) surged in my heart, but it was too much too soon and I gave my husband “the look.”


The first two weeks, blackie, named ingenuously by the daughter, followed me everywhere – from chair to bed to sofa and back. But, now it is at home with the four of us, together or separate. Things are so much better since it has been toilet-trained. And, now that it is teething, I actually have the floor clear of clutter, which consisted of things quite needed in our daily life.

we are family

This is us now. Suhana actually has blackie in the family picture she drew of us spending the day at the seaside. I asked her why she forgot kukku, miss smarty replied, it was because kukku would fly away in the open sky. No contradicting that!

Somewhere in between blackie came and I post this, I was overwhelmed, tired and cranky. That was when I decided, reluctantly, to end this blog, because I was hardly coming on-line, feeling uncreative and did not see any time for me in the next two years to do all that I had wanted to.
It was precisely, on Little E’s three-month birthday Shalini, and soon as I had posted on flickr, I was going to say my good byes to you (for you believed in me enough) and Shilpa (how I love her name and the little notes we share from time to time) and Sindhu (who must still be finding me as confused as I was when I sat next to her in journalism school and who, out of all of you, has actually seen me in person and all that I know of computers and laughter, she taught me ☺) and Asha (who is solace and inspiration and always gets my jokes) and Arundhati and Arya and Indrani and Susan, your comments do me proud.
Short story shorter, the Net connection was lost and I was unable to blog that day. The transmission problems still continue as does my blog.


But, thank you so much, each one of you!!


Srivilasica said...

1)You are wonderful, beautiful, caring, intelligent and all that is good.
2)Rest well and take care of yourself.
3)Never stop blogging/writing; you do it so well.
4)I love you.

Indrani said...

Oh NOooooooooooooooooooo....!!!! Pls dont end this blog. Take a break, how ever long you want it to be... but pleaseeeeee dont end this blog. I can figure that you are having quite a time with the kids, kukku and blackie but still dont give up on this blog. Its a very beautiful creation and please let it live. Small things, random words, stray thoughts are enough to keep this blog alive.When i read that you were not feeling something creative come thru from within - let this thought not be at the back of your mind. I sincerely hope that you reconsider your decision and continue with the blog. Wishing all is well with all.
Warm Regards,

shilpa said...

Yay, you are back. So glad to see you. Missed you here and on Flickr. Everybody seems to be busy. Asha, shalini(I know she must be settling at home with E)are still MIA.

I love the shot of you and Kukku and of couse the family shot. Don't ever think of ending the blog, just take a break :-) Hugs.

arundati said...

its tough with all the juggling... yet, am so glad you decided not to stop writing here...having said that...this is one of the most beautiful posts ever...thank you for sharing these beautiful pics... the highlight of my day was giving newbie a dogsitting for a week while a friend gets married :) am tempted to get one myself. take care and pls dont scare us again like that!

shilpa said...

why aren't you publishing my comments?!

shilpa said...

Sindhu - I love you, too and thankful for you :)

shilpa said...

Indrani - I am not quitting! thank you for the encouragement :)

shilpa said...

Shilpa - really, sorry, but, I don't have any unpublished comments now!! gee, was there something I didn't publish?

I did twiddle with ides of taking a looong break, but the thought of TRH, which is me, hanging around in the WWW really gave me the creeps... like I was ditching someone... it would have been more pressure :)

shilpa said...

arundhati - yeah, yeah, get yourself a pup! it is quite an enjoyable experience... only I have too many things on my plate, as the Vet who visits me keeps reiterating it :D

shilpa said...

Shilpa - you liked all the shots that I did not take :D

shilpa said...

...and, all of you, I really don't know what to write next!!!

Shalini said...

Whoa, I really missed so much. So glad you're not ending this blog, because I sincerely love coming here to read your thoughts. And now that little E is around, I can relate to them so much better.

Do keep taking breaks to refresh so that ideas for blog posts come naturally without you even having to think about them, but pls don't think of quitting it. Your posts about even the most simple things in your daily life connect with all of us.

Love all the pics, and what an exciting time to be in your house, with a new dog and a parrot. Blackie has a very aristocratic demeanor. Very cool.

PS: we used to have a sheep dog called Blackie at our orchard when we were kids. Unfortunately, he was killed by leopards in the forest above the house one summer. Did I already tell you about him before? I think I did.

shilpa said...

shalini - yes, I know about your Blackie :D Our blackster, is gaining more than a kilo every week and its getting unbearable when he licks me since we started fish in his diet last week :))))

yeah, breaks should do me good and how on earth would I live if I hadn't a place to rave and rant :D

thank you :)