Thursday, November 3, 2011

our precious one

i see you

kukku, dearest kukku,
all the barking and all the screaming
cannot take the place of your incessant chattering,
your melodious calls.
you will always be our little one, our precious one.
the house is silent without you.
(feb 2010 - nov 2011)

we had been away on Delhi. she was staying in the petshop, like she always does when we are not home. the night before, she was being given her drops when she decided to test her wings and dashed against the ceiling fan. she was declared blind by the vet who was rushed in immediately. they called us next morning and we decided to leave then and there. we were in the taxi to the airport when we got the call that she had succumbed to the injuries.

Vipesh, the petshop owner, was as sad, as devastated as us. he had hand-tamed kukku. and, this man is really passionate about his pets. so much so, his wife left him the third day after his wedding because she could not take all of it. he has given us a four-month old african grey, he couldn't the bear the thought of the kids looking at her open cage, he says. we call her kikki...

... kikki does fill up the void for now. she has two ardent fans jumping around her. but, i have resolved not to get attached. my kukku!


Shalini said...

Oh dear, so sorry to hear this. I know how much she came to mean to you, one of your constant companions, subject of such beautiful shots. She will be missed.

As much as one tries to steel oneself against getting attached, it's just not possible. As humans and mothers, it's such a natural reaction.

Be strong and keep smiling.

Srivilasica said...


shilpa said...

yes, dear people, she will be missed. she had this spunk, this spirit. so wasted in that blue cage of hers in our cramped balcony. oh, how i miss her, how much i want to hold and stroke and scratch her :)

asha said...

oh!!! SO so sorry to hear this. Kukku was part of our extended friendship I felt. can't say much else.

shilpa said...

yes, very much... think i made laskhmi cry, too.