Saturday, November 26, 2011

take a step back

what i really need to do. to take a step, two steps back. reconsider. words read long ago come to mind. when things around you are not going right, it is time to evaluate your thoughts, the why of your choices. there should be a better way to live than be weighed down by life.

let's get on to things i can talk about. like how i have started six books since last April and have not read through a single one. i start, get engrossed, one of the kids gets sick, a break of a week or so till things get back to routine, open the bookmarked page and ______. yes, blank. cannot remember the plot or it takes too long to place the characters that my reading time is over.

it seems easier to pick up another book, new people, a fresh story, excitement... then an impromptu trip to somewhere, struggle to get things back to normal and by the time i can sit back with a cup of sweet ginger tea and look for the bookmarked page, *sigh* back to square one.


there is never a clean state. but, to step into 2012 abounding in unfinished books, incomplete stories, characters flitting in my mind without closure makes me uncomfortable. sad actually. am challenging myself to get done with these books. might have to start from the very beginning, i am sure it will be worth it.

bought three new books, the size of dictionaries. while putting them on the shelf, all i could think was, if not now, then when.


Srivilasica said...

You are voluntarily thinking of taking those two steps. I am always forced to. I am constantly reminded of my priorities; not being allowed to step out of line. (Someday I will tell you the longer, boring version over a cup of ginger tea and a cake made by you.) In the meantime, just remember that whatever it is, you will overcome it. :D

shilpa said...

oh yeah... priority was the word!

and, you know it won't be boring for me. thank you :)

*starts looking through cake recipes, must perfect at least five*

Shalini said...

I hear you. I'm in the same boat. I stuck to one of the two books I was reading and managed to finish it which made me happy about it, but also so sad, since it was not such a great accomplishment after all.

I think if you read short stories or compilations, it's easier to finish them in batches.

And, since you're perfecting at least five cake recipes, I think I'll make my way to your doorstep too :-)

shilpa said...

*pressure pressure*

i must learn more than the foolproof brownie :)

kate is master chef and i was moved to tears and thinking of asha and you!

shilpa said...

I know, but the book covers were so lovely and really, still love the feeling of a heavy book, and the promise of a good read. one of the luxuries i will not indulge in for a long time...

Shalini said...

The Masterchef we are watching is a bit behind actually....we're down to the top 11....but nice to know she wins.

Also, no pressure at all.....just fun and joy in the kitchen....teach Su to do all the work :-))

shilpa said...

sheeeesh! i killed the suspense na. sorry shalini! i didn't know.

shilpa said...

oh yes, she would love to put her hand in everything na deserve it to you girls in a tray :)

Shalini said...

no probs...even last season I found out who won a few weeks in advance and it didn't spoil watching the show at all.

shilpa said...

*huge sigh of relief*