Monday, December 3, 2012

stray. thoughts.

    morning light is the cosiest. 
warms the deep insides of my being. 
re assures.
so much so that with a warm cup 
of steaming goodness in my hands,
i don't feel like getting up
or, moving.
savoring the moment is so good
every chore of mine remains undone!

sweet somethings

and, the countdown has begun.
it is time. 
am ditching the tree this time. 
something else. 
too many ideas.
little time, and, littler skills to execute.
but, hello excitement!

it is time

cannot. stop. obsessing. about. mornings.



Hindustanka said...

that amber light in your room is wonderful... well, wish you to fulfill your Christmas ideas! I have already started :) Hugs, Anna.

asha said...

checking my reader after ages and lovely to see your magical life in here!
love you as you are, ms pepper-sweets, your struggle or striving to attain those wishes is what makes your rantings interesting :)
neat freak you would be boring, with nothing more to say!

shilpa said...

thank you Anna.
i am glad someone is making headway with Christmas decorations :)

shilpa said...

yeah, yeah Asha.
and, thank you!