Saturday, January 19, 2013

spur of the moment.

impulsive acts.
the shocking start 
that makes you jump out of your skin,
is best to cure hiccups.

or, this morning,
it helped me put behind 
the absent domestic help, 
the very lived in living room.

an impromptu DIY ~
two used mint packs.
sparkly scotch tape.
and, you have a little box 
to stow your change,
or, carry a change of earrings
for weekend trip.



it is sunny and cool at the same time here.
light and shadow together.
sorrow, never far from joy,
laughter with tears.
night and day.
but, it is innate in the universe,
it is the rule of life.
for every yes,  your stand you take,
you leave in darkness other options.
the shadows swallow the NOs.



Shalini said...

Beautiful words S. You weave magic with them.

And that little box....awesome. What a great idea, and beautifully executed too.

kala said...

Shilpaaa these boxes look so amazinggg.U prove that creative brains does a wonderfull products even with a small things like thisss.Fantabulousssss

shilpa said...

thank you Shalini.
your words always lend me great strength.

shilpa said...

thank you Kala.
i have also found that creativity is spurred by procrastination, too.