Tuesday, February 10, 2009

full circle

Five years into our marriage, I woke up one day to realise that I no longer minded entering the kitchen. No, not even for the mundanest of cooking.
Add to that, I found an omen. As I cut into one-third of an onion, I found the layers make a perfect smiling face. Life, as I knew it, had come full circle for me.
Years speed by, changing feelings and perceptions. There had been days, when I wished I woke up in another place, for fear of goofing up in the kitchen, yet again!
It has been an interesting journey. It is the story of my life, chapters of which I will share with you...


Shalini said...

Lol, so sweet!

I still have that fear, especially when it comes to daily cooking. Just two days back I made rajma and forgot to add salt :-(

Daily cooking seems like work to me, while baking and making weekend khana seems like fun....so I don't mess up as much. It's all a question of perception, isn't it!

shilpa said...

yes, perception... and to some extent the kids... because the first two-three months after abi, things were just too much for me.
I remember,I used to feel the tension waning as I chooped the vegetables. So, the romance with cooking is just about a couple of years old :)
baking is a new hobby and I'm still getting the hang of it.

ashaan said...

Guess this is something I can relate to so much. I guess a lot of us were pursuing studies with only a career in mind.. not these 'mundane' things of life which later prove to be such a challenge and require an education in itself!

shilpa said...

... you put it beautifully, when you said "an education in itself!"

so, so true :)