Friday, February 13, 2009

tea at 10

The first cup of tea kick starts my day. A little after 10, with most of my work done in the kitchen, I sit at the table with a HOT cup of tea.
The aroma of the tea infused with cinnamon or cardamom in summers, relaxes me when stressed and invigorates me when tired. In winters, ginger tea soothes my itchy throat and warms my fingers!
While the first cup activates my body , tea at 10 feeds my soul, my spirit. This is the time that I organize my days. To-do lists for the day and for the week and shopping lists are made. I feel energized to get all of it done - the most hopeful time of my day!


Shalini said...

Lovely...I had a similar routine when I lived in Bombay and before that in Blr.

Really like how you write about the simplest of things in such an interesting way.

shilpa said...

thank you!