Tuesday, September 29, 2009

falling dreams

Momma, what did you dream on (sic) today? asked Suhana, very proper at four. I dreamt we missed your school bus, said I, frazzled and scurrying in the kitchen, packing her lunch and filling her water bottle.

Momma, what did Abi dream on (sic) today? asked she, now staring doubtfully at her feet. He dreamt that he fell from the bed, said I removing her socks and shoving her feet into them the right way.

Not again, said she, wry tone and shake of her head. But, he did, really, fall a lot - at the bus stop this morning, grazing his sweet, soft hands and making shopkeepers look out in concern with his crying!

While coming back from the bus stop with his sister in the afternoon, he tripped on nothing (!) and fell. And then, after the siblings had some water, washed their hands, changed their dress, they decided to jump on the bed, while momma got ready their lunch all the time screaming at them not to.

Momma had to drop everything and rush to the bedroom as Abi had fallen off the bed, banged his head and had two little cuts on his tongue. Lots of sugar and cooing later, he fell asleep, no doubt, dreaming of falling, yet again!

And, what did you dream today, asked I, while walking her to the bus stop. I dream that you watching 'pappu can't dance saala' song, said she.
Oh well. Sweet dreams then!


Shalini said...

How adorable and absolutely beautiful children are!

I dreamt my neighbor was calling me early morning, prodding me on for an early morning walk!

I dream a lot and these days I can remember a lot of my dreams...this one happened because we actually spoke of the very thing at 830 the previous night.

asha said...

Hey, I hope neither mama nor Abi has no more fallin' dreams. But again, that age is a bit hard to control. We have a friends' child whom we used to call 'football' cos he generally rolled, fell, picked himself up and rolled on... while everyone else held on to their breath.
And mama sounds frazzled... looks like a good break is needed :)