Tuesday, September 8, 2009

these days

Our family grew larger one Sunday. The husband went out to drop some cheques and came back with a fish tank and a complimentary packet of little fish - very intiriguing to the two year old, who kept saying "fih!"
It was the first time he was seeing "real" fish. The wise and worldly daughter exclaimed, "I thought you joking when you said you buy fish." Aaaha, so this is what was conspiring behind my back!

After the whole process of setting up the fish tank was finished, we lay down on the bed and admired our handiwork. There is a pump in there that makes a soft gurgling sound when all is quiet. Not a bad way to relax at all!
There really is something about gazing at fish - you realise you spent quite sometime (oh no!!!) standing and staring and oh well, since all that time is gone, you might as well stare at it for some more time.

A fungal infection and three mortalities later, the fish -and whatever it is they are doing confined in the glass walls - are as captivating and fascinating as ever. All that is needed is a lot more time.
"I love pets. I also love fish. But, I don't want crocodile or elephant as pets, " said the wisest one in our family. Whew! Now that really is a relief.


Shalini said...

What fun! So interesting to see the world through one's children's eyes.

Lol, your little wise one, really is very wise!

asha said...

That's a nice conspiracy between dad and kids :)
lol - at the way you explained how time goes gazing at fish. I thought it was only flickring ;)
whew.. what a relief. You won't be having crocodiles or elephants!

shilpa said...

those words of her had us literally rolling with laughter!!!