Sunday, August 30, 2009

the quiet after

Our Ganapathi left yesterday. The emptiness is loud, almost, in the quiet that followed an hour of puja and shouting "ganapathi bappa moriya, mangal murthi moriya!"

Now, it is only a few of us left with children who decide not to walk with Ganesha to a lake nearby, where he will be immersed. A lady is weeping as she carries her ganesha in her arms and places it on the truck, alongwith the other statues of the Elephant God.

Next year, I hope to walk the whole stretch, shouting and singing, and get gulaal on my hair and everywhere. Next year, I also hope to have it in me to carry my camera out of the house and take proper pictures...
These pictures were taken by my husband, who sat at home with the kids, and let me have some fun. It was drizzling and the two year old is terrified of crackers.


Shalini said...

How interesting! I love the first photo, kudos to your hubby!

We lived in Bombay for several years but never took part in any of these festivals. It's nice to read about them from your perspective though.

shilpa said...

This is our fourth year here, and the second time I took part in the festivities. The last time was when Su was almost two and now Abi is two.

Lol, that time in between must be when all I did was change diapers!