Saturday, August 8, 2009

think Sunday

... and I think orange. It has to do with an article in The Sunday Times more than a year ago. All of us have an aura and for it to be balanced we must have a regular dose of colours everyday, said an expert.

So, it is white/light blue on Mondays, red on Tuesdays, green on Wednesdays, yellow on Thursdays, pink on Fridays, brown/black/grey/navy blue on Saturdays and (you guessed right) orange on Sundays.

At first, I started experimenting with the clothes I wear daily, rather than rotating the four sets of pyjamas I lounged in, after delivering my second child. In less than three weeks, I had my neighbour exclaiming how much "neater and groomed" (cringing at the memory) I looked.

Later, with more time on hand, I extended colours in little things around the house. Having a vase of vibrant yellow flowers on the dining table on a Thursday brings cheer and kickstarts the spirit of the weekend.

Arranging pink scented candles on a side board adds to the relaxed mood on a Friday, bringing out orange plates for the Sunday lunch energises the languid pace of the holiday and nothing beats the sensation of starting the work week looking composed in white or my favourite sky-blue fabindia kurti, which is my Monday uniform!

Just in case you feel unattached and too spiritual on the first day of the week (white has that effect, according to the author of the article), get passionate and energetic with red on a Tuesday and the calming green will sooth the fiery temper and ground you mid-week.

The next door neighbour swears it has been lucky for her and makes her children dress accordingly. No such good fortune for me, but, I like the creative spurts and the vibrance in my small house and little life.

Fill your week with colour and have a happy sunday!


Shalini said...

How interesting! I love color, but there was a time when all I wore was black, and yes it really did affect me.

shilpa said...

I know, it was the same during my pastel and white phase - I was without zing :D

...there really is somthing to it, eh!

Arya Kamath said...

I should definately try this because that way I shall atleast wear different outfits during the week. I usually rotate between two favorite shirts and jeans.And at home it is pajamas and a t-shirt for me too.

shilpa said...

arya, you must try this! my wardrobe was organised in just over a month and those bits of clothing you are sure you'll wear, but never get around to will finally be trashed!

... these little decisions can be really burdensome at times!