Monday, August 24, 2009

sounding it right

Its festival time in Mumbai... and I am thoroughly enjoying it despite the faces my husband is making. The sights come alive in the night but the sounds captivate you through the day' till the 10.00 pm deadline since the past two years, lol!

Even after Ganesh Chathurthi and Ganapati Visarjan, the festivities will extend untill Diwali and the Navratras and no one will remove the lights and decorations untill after ringing in the New Year, which leaves only the stars to be hung around Christmas time.

I am loving the mithai, the bhajans blaring through loudspeakers and sometimes, alternating with the latest Bollywood Hits and the divine sound of arathis twice a day in our residential society's Ganapati Mandal.

Due to my husband's preference for quiet celebrations (and exclamations!!!) of all kinds, we usually celebrate every festival with the needed colours and lights - more of the sights than the sounds in our home!

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