Saturday, October 16, 2010

its 10.59 pm

thought it must be very early in the morning when I couldn't sleep.

something must be on my mind, but, when I think of it nothing comes to mind.

garbha music still playing in the neighbourhood!

what time is it?

get up from bed to look for my phone, which I found in the living room.

what! its just 10.49 in the night.

why don't I log on, maybe someone sent me mail or a message on FB...


feeling worse now.

might as well shut down.


Shalini said...

Oh I know how that feels....I've done it often enough. That's when I started keeping a day or two with the comp out of reach.

And I'm totally digging your sleep times...I thought I was the only one hitting the bed early early!

shilpa said...

oh! Su, who needs me to sleep, and I are asleep way too early. H puts Abi to sleep, which is later :)

A day or two without the computer, is hard, but I need to do that for some grounding.really good idea, Shalini :)