Monday, January 24, 2011

terrible threes

this boy never sits still. he climbs on windows and table tops. he draws on every which surface but paper. he pinches his sister, hits her, too. he stamps on the dog's tail, sometimes bites it, too. he throws a mean tantrum, almost always on the road. he can live on milk and kurkure and that's where all the problem starts.


he goes to school, but only for the yellow school bus ride. he refuses to hold a pencil. he throws away his crayons. he can count to ten, but holds his leap pad upside down. he hits his peers but purrs in front of his teacher.


he gobbles up his chocolates refusing to wash his hands or face or even wet-wipe. but, he has the sweetest smile, earnest eyes and the simplest of attitudes. he forgets you were angry at him a minute ago and like the dog wagging his tail, he'll be back for sure. my little boy.



Shalini said...

Oh yes, it would be hard to resist that sweet smile and the twinkly eyes.

Lol, on the way he holds the leap's more like a laptop this way!

shilpa said...

maybe that's the idea. i never could figure why he held it upside down.

thank you :)

asha said...

He is really really sweet :) I'm sure he will read this one day and give you a biiiiig hug!

shilpa said...

or, hold me at ransom and make me delete it!

lol! boys are always sweet to their mommas, its to the wives that they turn near-morons :D