Sunday, June 12, 2011

the morning

I asked her to soak in a little bit of sun...


and, I made sure I had breakfast by nine, hurray!


I was almost famished. Last night, as we were in bed, my brain slow, my back sore, my legs glad to be resting, the wise daughter declares (among other things), "pens are pencils without erasers!" I start and make the appropriate sounds and am soon lulled to sleep by the son chattering away on his pretend cellular phone, which, by the way is the daughter's ruler, on one side and her soft-spoken questions on the other. But, it was when she asked,"why can't we see God?" that I was glad I was just a second away from deep, dark sleep.

Really, why can't we see God?


Shalini said...

From the mouth of babes, come the most amazing observations.

shilpa said...

yes, and I sometimes am not smart enough to retort, so I simply roll me eyes!

Shalini said...

I must come up with some stock answers for the future!

There's a line from a movie or sitcom that I saw recently....when a kid says to his father...I hate you...the father says...oh yeah, well get in line!