Thursday, June 16, 2011

the night

we had to wait for more than on hour on the highway for the heavy rains to pass...


... as the taxi had not any wipers!


On another note, I am thankful for the (sometimes so tedious, it makes me want to cry) routine, of school, the four trips to the bus stop, home work, uneaten lunch boxes at times, waiting for Friday, and then wishing for school again by Saturday afternoon. Oh yes! Spare me the excitement of my little girl throwing up four times a day, or waiting with bated breath for the blood, urine, stool results, or reading the face and body language of the elegant and fun doctor, or the creative test of coming up with yummalicious options of rice gruel, phulkas and vegetables, which might at any time be thrown up. Thank you O Almighty for things settling back to routine.


Shalini said...

You are an adventurous and brave soul.

shilpa said...

soule maybe, dear shalini, not so the mind. it just doesn't have a spine :(

shilpa said...

also, you are the first to have said that. I now see myself in a new light.
and, about a week ago, a wise mother tweeted that if someone compliments you, just say thank you and smile.... and,... act mysterious.

so, thank you.
*acting super mysterious*


Shalini said...

Lol, and now I see you in a new light!