Wednesday, December 7, 2011

my earliest memories of christmas are of those celebrated in Bathinda Cantt. mom would have started baking and making all types of things before this date then. you see, the perils of sometimes being the only Christians posted in one of the Army stations is that everyone flocks to your house on Christmas.


on Sunday afternoons in December, after most of the prep was done, mom would take a cane stool (we call it mooda) to the sunniest corner of the lawn and make these santas. sometimes, the neighbour Rao aunty would drop in and over juicy keenu segments (a hybrid of musambi and orange, if i remember correctly) dipped in salt and pepper mixture they would complete the whole set of egg shells.


now, i never thought i'd make them or even remember them. but, i did. i enjoyed it, too. and, you know what, kids remember the oddest and sometimes the least important things, things that we wouldn't even shrug at. *OH EMM GEE moment* yet to put up our tree, but, there's bits of Christmas here and there in the house :)


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Shalini said...

Life is full of those little moments isn't it, when one realizes that all one has learned is a culmination of the past.

And whoa, you were in Bhatinda as a kid! We used to go there with our grandmother every once in a while....we hated the khara paani.

shilpa said...

you know i remember it very well, that water. not in the cant area, but in school and some of our civilian friends' houses. the last time i was reminded of it was during our stay in chennai... hard core khaara pani :)

Kala said...

Shilpa the little egg Santa are very cute kudos to ur mom n u for recollecting the decor again

shilpa said...

thank you Kala. it is the very essence of this season - the memories and the family :)