Sunday, December 4, 2011

of shadows and chirpy conversations

two cool dudes spotted a dainty little bird

on a perch below

My creation
but, she was too busy preening and strutting

the dude told her she was too full of herself

My creation
to which the dainty lady stomped off in anger

clearly, a comic strip writer i will not make :)


Shalini said...

Awesome! I loved the captions and could really imagine them saying these exact things!

And, you're on a roll with the polka dots. These ones are so cute.

shilpa said...

i think polka always adds cheer. and inspired by little E, the diva, i have bought myself a pair of plum tights with white polka... not that i can carry it off as prettily as her :)

arundati said...

what a moment to capture! and i agree with shalini that i too imagined them having that conversation...brilliant

Shalini said...

photo please!

of the plum tights with white polka dots...

also, cake/cookies/brownies are always welcome additions in the photo :-)

shilpa said...

arundhati - i was going into the room after making breakfast to ddrw the curtains and ope windows and all, when i say five sparrows. by the time i came with the camera there were only three... they were a chirpy lot and communicating among themselves :)

shilpa said...

shalini - *blush*