Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Children's Day out

The Sunday, before school re-opened after Diwali vacations, loomed long ahead. As the children ate their daily breakfast of idli-sambhar (yes, they eat it every single day and no, dosas won't do for a change) the husband makes plans for a late brunch. We decided to go townside, which is about one and a half hours away with no traffic.

We spiced things up by taking the local train. By the time we reached, after dressing up and leaving as hurriedly as possible, it was after 12.30pm and we tweaked the plans to lunch at Five Spices, a chinese restaurant. After lunch, we packed some cheesecakes for home and set out to see the Gateway of India and decide what to do next over kulfis there.

My secret plan of a boat ride to the Ajanta caves (and, the photo opportunities) were quelled by the long queues snaking across the Gateway front. But, we disturbed the afternoon siesta of a horse and its owner to take us for a ride on the horse-cart decked with red heart shaped balloons. Where only the boats and sea caught the attention of the children, and, the magnificence of the Gateway hardly registered in their little minds, they were mighty delighted for the adventurous ride.

Some pictures I took from the train, taxi and the horse-cart of the day. Stepping down at Chhatrapathi Shivaji Terminus station, i gaped at the stained glass detail. Did never expect it at a railway station!

CST station

The Times of India building, where I had this morbid idea of doing the 26/11 trail.


Pondering over brunch or lunch!

the guy thing

Totally kicked to see the pin code, because ours is 400218. That's how far we came.


Why don't the clock towers I see show the right time?


Someone who loves leaves as much as me.

loving leaves



Stop. Shut.

stop. shut.

The Gateway of India.

Gateway of India


the Arabian Sea

The Shivaji statue and the Taj hotel, in that order.


the Taj hotel

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Shalini said...

Sounds like a good trip....really loved the shots...especially the one of the stop light and the ledge of plants.

Hey, I didn't know that's how pin codes were organized!