Tuesday, November 30, 2010

the first day

of the last month of the year. Bright and sunny. Like the perfect day to muse and look behind, look within, look around and look ahead. Decide what to change and what to carry forth into another year.
I have in front of me my journal, written in hand, with a page titled 'foresight into resolutions.' Can't help but smile that I have managed to fulfill at least two as much as I can. And, there are that I absolutely forgot about.
And, then there are two, which I will hold close in my heart for I did not do them justice at all. #3 ... do something/ do what it takes/ change the things you can, accept the things you cannot... and pray to God to know the difference! #6 Put a seal on your lips, a smile on you face. Talk quietly, think quietly and be quiet in action!
For those who know me and my dramatic ways and the amounts of energy I release as noise or chatter or hyper-anxiety would laugh at #6. But, I am pleasantly surprised that I actually was wise enough, and knew myself as much, more than a year ago.
A friend and reader of my blog told my she carries within her a word and practices it in all walks of her life till, I suppose, it just becomes part of her. And, at the dawn of another year, she imbibes within her a new word, a new principle, a new way of living.
I know my word for 2011. Kindness. I am witty, funny, sarcastic, nice, encouraging and so many more good and bad things, but, I lack empathy in speech and thought. Especially, when I feel insecure, not confident enough or when I, more often than not, have to let go of my plans and desires and live and deal with what God proposes.
I am smart enough to know that what comes out of the mouth in those ungaurded moments is nothing more than what I hold in my heart. To release all that negativity in me might not be possible in a year, but I have to start somehwere.
What would be your word, your mantra for the coming year?

Re-reading this post makes me feel quite naked. I might just not let it be public for long. So, if you read it and want to come back to it and do not find it, I just decided to let this stay within me for a while.


shilpa said...

No keep it. This is what makes your blog connect with people. At least that's what I feel. You already know what my word of the year is :-)

shilpa said...

yes, I do know your word for the year. See, how you inspired a whole post on my blog!

oh! I don't know about keeping it. Looks more like a mail to a friend than a post. let's wait a few more hours maybe :)

Shalini said...

Glad to know this post is still here.

Lol, # 6 would be great if I could manage it too!

My word for the year would be Calm....striving to stay calm and not let sleeplessness and tiredness get in the way of enjoying E.

shilpa said...

lol shalini, but, I couldn't figure out how to make it private again :D