Wednesday, September 21, 2011

life's like that

the weekly eight-hour power outage continued for another five hours and the inverter batteries ran out. 

mini diwali last night

plucked out an orange gerbera after spotting a new bud on the plant. makes me smile every time i lay eyes on it.

don't miss the light

the neighbours upstairs renovated their kitchen the day before. the plumber worked on the pipes from my kitchen. aunty sat with me for the two-three hours, for my security, she said. then the next day, they painted it without notifying me and i now have paint splattered sill, pane, window and plants.

blah! i tell you.

am now going to drink the tea that has been brewing. that should make everything all right.


Shalini said...

Ufff, one good deed canceled by another!

And so good of you to see the positive...about the diwali photo :-) I try to see the positive in these irritating things too.

We had a ac outage too last week....for 3-4 hours just when I was cooking and preparing for guests one day....and we have no fans in the apts no ac is misery. Thankfully, it came back in time for me to cool off!

shilpa said...

baap re! three-four hours must be too much in the Gulf. lucky things sorted out soon enough :)

and, wouldn't life be miserable without our sights fixed on the positive ;)

Lakshmi -Celebrations said...

its gets you irritated for sure,when the people upstairs does something without telling you...or they dont listen to you telling there seepage on the happens always...
but as shalini said,positivity,this is real life...

shilpa said...

yes that is. also, seeing the beauty in the mudane everyday. something you gals always inspire me to see :)