Friday, September 23, 2011


the husband has taken the kids to the park below. it is awfully quiet around here. the afternoons suddenly become cooler. the days are shorter now. winters are not far.

the view
the view from where i'm typing

the daughter has school tomorrow to practice for an upcoming theatre festival. did you hear that sound? it was the sound of my weekend crashing.


oh well! at least, the school buses will ferry the kids.


Lakshmi -Celebrations said...

i love this post,not this alone,but all the others....

Shalini said...

You lucky girl! I keep pestering the husband to take E out to the local store, to the park, for a walk, anywhere really, by 5pm by when I'm at the pulling-my-hair-out stage!

shilpa said...

thanks laskh. you take care and hang in there :)

shilpa said...

he he he happens like once every two years. but, late afternoons are the worst, especially on days without school :)