Sunday, September 18, 2011

you are the salt.

you are the mother. without you the family is lost. you are the one who guides. you are the anchor, the pivot of the family. but, you are unseen. just like salt. anything without salt is tasteless, useless. it adds to the flavour, it enhances the taste. without the salt, the curry is just goop. - excerpt from last Sunday's sermon

trh - sept19'11
su's rainbow ripple

trh - sept19'11
sunday morning table

trh - sept19'11
before church

i am the salt. so, i would like to believe.


Shalini said...

Yes, you definitely are. I am too. This makes what I do on a daily basis so much more worthwhile.

shilpa said...

i agree :)

Lakshmi -Celebrations said...

yes,yes,yes,definitely,u are,shalini is and definitely I am ....I read it aloud to My dearest husband tooo...he smiled,it made it know,i was just grumbling before i read this,i dont get time to sit,i want to sit....i dont want luxury,but just to sit in aplace without doiing nothing:)---....he he
and i read this

shilpa said...

i am so glad the words could inspire, made you feel good. i think i must have got goose pimples when it was being preached. and, i swear, i straightened my slumped shoulders.

such is the power of words. they touch the heart. they change our world :)

Shalini said...

Came back to say that I read it to my ma-in-law and she couldn't agree more.

Then, a little while later, E was playing with them and my ma-in-law asked E, where is mama, when I was standing right there, and E totally ignored me. So, see, I am the salt. The unseen.

shilpa said...

yes, the unseen, yet the most needed :)