Thursday, January 5, 2012

another year

filled with promise, the excitement of a beginning. so many things to start anew. so many ways to improve and so many plans. at the end of every year, almost everyone is bubbling with positive energy, hope and happiness.

but, this is the time when my pessimist self raised its head, teasing me about the resolutions made, broken and sometimes forgotten! then, that lazy self of mine, yawned and joined in reminding me of the effort of thinking up resolutions, the huge will power needed to get by each day and that thing always, always out of my grasp. yeah, perseverance!

and, then, self-realisation spoke wisely, into my heart. you shut yourself too much, she said. it is true, i thought, i wait for those extra-ordinary things to happen and get blind to the beauty and grace around me, because it wears the guise of the ordinary, the mundane.

dec pala 007

be open. accept. take in. revel. or grin/grimace and bear it. as the case may be. fill myself with things happening around me and to me. laugh unconsciously. cry fully. get pleasantly surprised. be caught in the moment. 

when most of my days closely resemble each other, days, months and years don't matter a lot. moments and people do. and, i want to be empty, so i can be fulfilled.

have a lovely, abundant and peace filled year ahead, dear wonderful people.


Shalini said...

Oh I so resonate with what you say about how our days resemble each other and that it's the little moments that matter. Hope your year is every bit as fulfilling as you'd like it to be.

asha said...

How beautifully written, dear Shilpa. I have a lot of inspiration to take away from this post.
"empty so that one can be fulfilled"
Have a blessed New Year :)

shilpa said...

thank you Shalini. have a beautiful year :)

shilpa said...

thank you Asha. have a blessed one yourself :)