Friday, January 6, 2012

Friday mornings

have a sense of freedom. five days of controlled, disciplined mornings, lunch boxes, calming tantrums, making school sound like a fun place, over and over again. by the time, i've waved at the second school bus till it turns the corner, all i want to do is do 'nothing.' hence, hot, straight from the kadhai (wok) vada pav from the stall a short walk away for breakfast.

Friday breakfast

ginger tea with potato slices fried in batter

green chillies deep fried and sprinkled with salt

waiting to be filled

right about where i stand

usually, i am craving school by Saturday lunch!


Srivilasica said...

Yum! And superb shots, as usual.

shilpa said...

thank you sindhu.
where are you coming a visiting to my neck of the concrete-woods?

Shalini said...

Love your breakfast....wish I had a handy stall nearby too!

Friday and Saturdays is when I get to chill a bit since the hubby has more time for E!

shilpa said...

thank you. this is one of the best stalls in the area. i should take a picture of the couple manning and cooking :)