Tuesday, January 17, 2012

R.I.P  dear, dear cup. 

you have been with me for a little over four years. 

that is like half my married life!

your pain

what's the fuss about?

my reward




the drama queen emerges :)


Srivilasica said...


shilpa said...

he he he

Shalini said...

Oh dear. I feel for you.

I felt really quite awful when I broke of our daily cups a while back.

shilpa said...

felt horrible, too!

~mE said...

How did u like the glass palace?

shilpa said...

if i remember correctly, i loved it, and read bits of it, again, on a later holiday. this picture is from more than two years ago, Sharanya, so the details evade me, but i can recall the descriptions of rubber plantations and love. oh! there is also a photographer who is one of the central characters :)