Thursday, September 6, 2012

it is time

for the annual rain post. usually, by this time my spirit is damp and sunken. every inch of my being is moronish. not this time, not this year. there has been as many bright interludes with the sun shining bright as the bursts of paltry rain.

the monsoons came without showers of blessings for the farmers. there has not been enough rain. i worry about the framers, their produce. but, then i remember the warehouses with rotting grain. i think how it will be with more power outages in the warmer months. it strikes me of the times i rushed to answer the doorbell without turning off the lights and fan and stood there talking with my neighbour for almost an hour. oh the rising prices of everything! oh the times i bought stuff mighty unnecessarily just because it was on sale!

wilful waste brings woeful want, i read in college somewhere. enough is a feast. the words have stayed in my mind longer than i expected them to. time to practice them more than i do now. to do my little bit. maybe the kids will imbibe it somewhere along the way.

and, i almost forgot the pictures from my little balcony this afternoon!







Shalini said...

Your gerberas always shine in your shots!

You know, your post is like the monsoon itself...starting with despair, then hope as the rains arrive, and of life continuing on, as it always does.

shilpa said...

you have brilliant clarity of thought, of assessing words.

thank you!

Shalini said...

:-) thank you kind friend....your comment is actually what I think of each and every post of yours.

but enough of the mutual admiration society, na!

shilpa said...

begging to disagree, but keeping my mouth shut :)