Sunday, September 2, 2012

the love knot

a love story. 
two little girls.
 sisters and friends.
 the younger wanted to *paint rainbows in different shapes and put it together like a quilt.* 
the momma had already bought the gift.
 so, we improvised 
and wrapped the presents for the 11 year old birthday girl in hand-painted paper
 that the little one also crushed to add texture!



a love knot


Jidhu Jose said...


Patricia Torres said...

I like this.. and Im going to feature it next month in my unique ideas for the festive season... :)

shilpa said...

thank you :)

shilpa said...

and, I am honoured

Shalini said...

They look really nice....and I loved hearing how they came about. The thought process was really good too.

shilpa said...

thank you Shalini. i didn't want to break her heart. she made four-five pages of differently shaped rainbows!

Shalini said...

I love how creative kids are and how they express themselves. E has started expressing interest in her clothes each day....vehemently saying no to some things, running away from others and so on. She probably already thinks that I don't know how to dress.

I wanted to ask what kind of paints they were....never seen little bottles like these. I liked how you lined them up too.

and goodnight...see you tomorrow.

shilpa said...

these are 'rangeela' poster colours. rs 10/- a pack. contains pre-mixed colours like pink, brown and orange. very common as favors at b'day parties!

Chandan said...

this is such an awesome idea!