Thursday, September 13, 2012

reaching out.

Was it Tony? Johnny? I don’t remember his name. He was the first wedding proposal. You know! You see photo. He sees photo. Families talk. When almost everything is finalized or to both the family’s liking, you actually get to meet in the neatest room in your home, with almost entire families of both sides right outside the half shut door.
So, Tony or Johnny had his photo sent to my excited family by eager parents. And, we were supposed to start a conversation across continents through e-mail. Except, I could not find a start. I am good to barge in, interrupt, debate… but, start with an introduction. Now, there I fail.
So, I asked my mother to let me hear his voice. Just once. Ask him to call. Anyways, things didn’t go further. I was naïve enough to hold onto something as tangible as it is intangible… the sound of someone’s voice, the vibes of a meeting, the feel of a hand.
With all the wisdom I’ve gained in the ten or so years, I have realized that I was a fool. I have made three best friends. And, we are so close. They have been lucky to get to meet each other. I have not seen them except in pictures. But, when we are in our element and in the mood to chat, you should see how words strung as chatter posing as mail fly across states and countries!
Last week, I got hold of the phone numbers of two of them. Talked to them. Now, I have voices to the words I read. A lilt to the laugher icons, intonations here and there. Reaching out is all it takes to make a bond. Holding on to it is all it takes to make it last.


Sindhu S said...

I remember H's proposal and your darling grandma asking me to persuade you. Me, of all people!

shilpa said...

Sindhuma - this was before H. fizzled out in less than a week :D

Shalini said...

Aw, what memories! I remember those days too. And you know what, it was email that brought S and me together. We actually met almost 2 years later, and by then I'd met most of his family.

We all surprise each other don't we? Not only in the other's way of reaching out, but in our expectations of building a friendship. I love how you wrote that you "have voices to the words". Beautifully written.

ps: I might ask you to delete this in a while.

shilpa said...

wow. in retrospect, it sounds so romantic :D

sure, shalini. but, you do know that i have 27 people following and really. not even my husband knows about TRH ;)

Shalini said...

aha, a well kept secret!

I wish mine was too, I think I would be able to be more open that way....that's why I write more on our other gathering place!

shilpa said...

helps that he does not read but newspapers :)