Friday, June 15, 2012

    every morning, i used to wake up, boil milk, let the water for tea boil while i brushed my teeth, washed my face, put kajal and lip gloss, blinked at the mirror twice and hurried to sip the celestial beverage, the sweet milky, strong tea. and, my day used to begin.

    after my long hiatus in Kerala, we woke up really late the first morning, since we had arrived past midnight. we trooped to the nearby Mac Donalds for breakfast. i was kind of dizzy. it was hot and humid just like in Kerala, but i was feeling the brunt of it in the concrete jungle.

    ordered for cold coffee, and was addicted to it for a week. the husband was still drinking tea. despite making it two-three times a day, i could not bear to sip it. then, he was advised not to drink milk after a bout of indigestion. so, we shared our cups of black coffee.

that kind of weather

    clouds are lighter after venting rain, curtains are dancing in the cool breeze, the sun is sulking and making his presence known. it is a confused weather, this morning. neither hot and sunny, nor damp and cloudy. the summers are giving way to the rains. it is inevitable. change happens.

    i changed. as simple as that. as simply as that. but, people around me don't know. my husband doesn't think so. only a part of me knows. the rest is confusion. my home doesn't know, it is a mess. i need to straighten things up. face my demons. evolve.


Shalini said...

I like how you write stuff that makes readers think it's happening to them too.

About change, it's such a subtle thing na, might just be something so simple that people around you don't realize it.

shilpa said...

yes. but, i'm searing with change, i feel :)