Monday, June 18, 2012

clouds pregnant with rain
stifling the ever bright sun
with not a leaf in motion
perspiration sticking on neck and back
weighing down the mind
eyes searing the sky
hands keeping busy
heart bursting with frustration...
... and, the thought of an oil massage 
heavenly to the senses
but purge worthy in the humidity.
so, i did the next best thing.
made some light, soothing oil for the hair.

trh-herbed oil

some aloe, camphor and curry leaves...

trh-herbed oil
... heated in coconut oil ...

herbed oil
to make a lightly fragrant and nourishing oil for the hair.


Shalini said...

Nicely done. Like the first shot...but it's too wide for your blog frame....doesn't do it justice.

Sindhu S said...

Oh! Kaachiya enna! Mine is brown, though - not clear as yours.

shilpa said...

have modified the post.

Shalini said...

and I see, you're writing more too thanks to that.

Thank you.

shilpa said...

thank "you" :D