Friday, June 15, 2012

trh- earning my coffee

three drawers full of dvds and blurays


stacked so high, there's two more piles you can't see

trh - earning my coffee

now, sit prettily in three large files, taking one-tenth the space they actually took!
i believe, i've earned my coffee :)

i remember, i got this magical idea from Arundati, book-marked in my mind. and, here i am, getting down to it after almost two years. better late than never :)


Shalini said...

Yes, they are a real space saver. I did this for our cds when we moved from Bombay, but now think it's time for the dvd's too.

I've found that E loves to open up the newer cds which are still in their regular cd cases and push the cds under the tv cabinet. I found 9 cds under there one day.

shilpa said...

oh E is growing up with panache! i wan tho know if you asked her who put them there and what was her reaction :)

i know. i have two full drawers to fill with anything i want. imagine!

Shalini said...

Ha, ha panache indeed! Pushing me to my limits most of the time, and she just getting started!

I found them in the afternoon when she was asleep....but later on when I told her not to take them out of their cases, she smiled at me sweetly and said no. The number of times I get to hear her say no in a day, is just multiplying day by day.