Saturday, June 23, 2012

it was

my son's birthday last Friday. there was a small kiddie party planned. and, like always, i was on it. but, in the run up to the party, i amazed myself with the amount of work i got done. it was not just the cleaning part, where unlike the past years, i actually sorted, arranged and organized. not just dumped them out of sight!


i was ready with the prep of the food beforehand. that is a first. usually, it is like i get chef's block or something. i am so worried about how the food will turn out, i keep putting it off till like two hours before the guests are to arrive. and, then brag about how i'm living on the edge and all. *shakes head*


the fridge is purged, clean, smelling fresh with not a single dish without a cover in it! the fans are wiped clean. all but one cupboard is sorted. no old clothes remain. and, along with all of this, i managed to season some mangoes pickled in brine. found cooling themselves in the far recesses of my fridge, where they have been for more than a few months now, i think. all this in the last four days.


DSC_0153 2
the burdday boy


Anonymous said...

i loved the lettering on the wall... and my gosh! that's quite a load of work you got done! you are a rockstar!

shilpa said...

thank you. crayon work by Su. i cut the outline :)

yeah. all that work! must be all the coffee :)

kala said...

Happy birthday to little boy :) Loved the letters and the pickle looks so yummyyyy

shilpa said...

thank you, and thank you, Kala :)

Shalini said...

See, you pulled it off with panache. I knew you would. I love the letters on the wall too. And what are the delicious looking watermelon thingy's? Is it jelly?

shilpa said...

oh yeah, the famous 'jiggling jelly boats' of pinterest :)

well, i am still in shock at all that i was able to do :D