Saturday, August 13, 2011


are a new-found love, though i have been surrounded by plants always. it was the seasonal flowers, planned and planted by mom in our days in different parts of North India. on our return to the tropical south, mom started her love affair with bonsai, cacti, orchids and the local flowers peculiar to Kerala.


never the one to take effort at anything, i stuck to ferns, money plants, succulents, till the daughter decided she needed her dose of pink in the balcony, too. pink button roses, periwinkles, morning glories - most of which, sadly, rest in peace now - started our tryst with blooms. i am slowly finding my way among flowering plants and their care.

point and shoot

like the ambitious woman unwilling to let go of her freedom, who forgets it all after she has held her baby and can't wait for it to smile and gurgle, i find myself looking out for the blooms to raise their head. i so love to see a bud and can't wait for it to flower and colour the space. let there never be a flowerless day among my pots, dear Lord.

trh - the flower post

at 31. just wanted to remember when.


Srivilasica said...

Never mind when you started. I am planning to start gardening when I finally go back to Kerala and our house there - don't even know when that will be. By then, the remains of the garden Achan had started might have died and gone. And, I plan on on a herb and vegetable garden too. Nothing like dreaming big, eh? :D

shilpa said...

nothing like it, yeah!

ooooh! herb garden sounds exotic!

you won't believe mom's vendakka and kovekka make sure there's enough for thoran of each, twice a week. the murinka, when in season, also earns her some money. and, i think she hasn't bought green chillies since Suhana was born!!

Shalini said...

Love your little roses in the milk jug! They look so adorably dainty. I like how you are getting inspired by little Su!

You're lucky with your weather that it makes it all possible. And, you're on a roll with new things :-)

shilpa said...

she is a pill. its hard to pass by these theliwalas selling bright coloured flowered plants if she is by my side... and, you never get such good flowers as when they are on the cart!

asha said...

The things that children get us to do! She is definitely a darling :)

From your posts, I have a little suggestion - you could try growing some plants that grow with the amount of sunlight you get. The internet is a good guide to give you what each plant ideally needs.

shilpa said...

a good idea. though, you mean those that survive in so much rain?

Neha@ All things beautiful said...

Really like your plant pictures...especially the mini roses.

shilpa said...

thank you. they do give me immense happiness :)