Monday, August 29, 2011


the birthday party scheduled for Sunday in my very eventful life. it was on one side of the city and we lived beyond the suburbs, on the other side. it had been raining since Thursday morning. we had to take a detour, due to water-logging, only once. some pictures i shot during the 53 km drive.


the 'rain-protected' Sunday market


carry yourself tall.


we went the extra mile. it was my neice's birthday :)


Shalini said...

Whoa, 53 kms is a long drive! But the photos are fab. Love the first one and the one of the tree and old building.

Seeing your rain soaked posts and my parched ones, I wonder if we all will always want what we don't have.

shilpa said...

he he he
but, a thought to ponder!

? said...

Loved the snapshot with the tree and the building