Tuesday, August 23, 2011

laugh it off

yesterday morning, i was called hi-fi by a lady on the bus-stop. because, i take two minutes the night before to pick up a dress to wear the next day and 50 extra seconds to put lipstick and kajal after i have brushed my teeth and washed my face in the morning.

no, why should we homemakers always look like unwashed laundry? why should i rotate three pairs of easily-washable-no-need-to-iron salwar sets for months together just because i only go to the bus stop and the high point of my social calendar is the parent-teacher meeting every month?


came back home and gave breakfast of cereal to the husband. meanwhile, i simmered last night's chicken curry till the gravy was a little charred and really thick. then, with sliced tomatoes and cucumbers, i polished it off with bread.

give in
i am wicked that way

i have a nine-year-old's birthday party to attend this weekend. my social diary is so full. haan ji!


arundati said...

haha.... i'd take a cup full of chocolate instead of anything else... and make mine dark. yeah why should home makers / non working people look like they just tumbled out of bed all the time? when i have surprise visitors at home and they ask me if i was going to go out somewhere just because i am dressed in jeans and a tee, i feel like hitting them with a houseplant! ok maybe i should blog about this soon!

shilpa said...

yes, please do add to my rant.

... the chocolate i was devouring to clear my head of sleep as my afternoon tea was coming to a boil :)

Shalini said...

Lol, love your thoughts that make it to the blog. Yes, why indeed should we look like "unwashed laundry"....what a perfect phrase!

PS: Ahem, someone is sleeping so I'm eating chocolate as I read your blog :-)))

shilpa said...

lol, sounds better than crumpled, which makes my feel frumpy :)

eat away i say. i shared the cupful with avi and su and we made blackie beg for it!

? said...