Wednesday, August 31, 2011

too much

... is a feeling. a feeling akin to claustrophobia, yet not quite. for some time now, it feels as though i'm staring at that rainbow-circle-thingie moving on the computer screen... nothing uploaded, none downloaded either.

things are not getting done, i'm doing them. feelings are not resolved, the mind is not free. and, when there is three 'nots' in two sentences, it is time to shut down. let the CPU cool down. delete unwanted and obsolete files. clear the mind. lighten the heart.

the festival season in India has begun. though i won't be actively participating, revelling in the sounds, sights and celebrations of friends should not take much effort. yes, the preparations are done. the city is abuzz. the lights only wait to be lit.

lights are up


brownie baking - trh
su and i baked brownies this afternoon. said brownies are now cooling.

i'll be back.


Shalini said...

Sometimes a break offline is the best thing to do. It's like going back in time. Almost.

Enjoy the sights and sounds and we'll wait patiently for the pics.

Any brownies left?

shilpa said...

i hope so shalini.

lol! no, no brownies left. Su took the rest of them to her best friends house in the evening :)