Tuesday, August 2, 2011

to some

it might seem like pottering. but, i am nesting. putting some forgotten bric-a brac in the limelight and making them useful. otherwise, they were just waste fellows.


for almost three years, this leather box, a gift from sister-in-law in muscat, has been biding its time in the cupboard.


but, now it sits filled with a box of tissues, keys and sometimes money on the chest of drawers, which is very near the dining table.


re-arranged stuff in the china cabinet. displayed the bone china dinner set, a gift from mother-in-law on first wedding anniversary and rid the house of all cardboard packing cases.


the partially seen wooden jewellry box was a birthday gift from roomies in the second year of law college. treasured for so many years, i didn't want to give it away. but, neither did i want it to lie hidden, almost forgotten.


and, then this glass jar/pitcher/jar. the easiest to gift somebody moving houses. since, i already had crystal version of the same, i thought i'd transfer it with a new job designation from the kitchen cupboard to my colourful and flamboyant wardrobe.


she does carry her new job profile with elan :)


the gold and black souvenir from Greece, on top of the stacked plates, was given by a friend in Chennai. the frame broke, but i'm glad it found a place for itself.


Shalini said...

Good, good...they must be happy too, to be on display! I love the water jug's new avtaar....to sweet! And I thought the Greek plate was a part of the plate set....it looks like one piece!

I've still got stuff in boxes too....a graduation present, a wedding present....must pull them out, even if it's just for the sake of photos!

shilpa said...

oh yes! it feels good. since my house has to be child-proof as well as pet proof, there really is not much i can do. but, i'm glad i did at least this.

next on agenda (or five year plan like of India) is getting the sofa re-upholstered in white or off-white and buy off-white or white curtainns for the living room :)

Shalini said...

Lol, good plan. Love white curtains...they make a room look bright in such a nice way.

shilpa said...

will post pictures. but, be warned. it is a five year plan :D

asha said...

totally in awe of you! That is such a good idea too. (back from Kerala and too tired to write all that is there on my mind :) )

shilpa said...

thank you. take good rest and start posting :)