Saturday, February 18, 2012

day 18 ~ drink

it was 'pamper-daughter-day,'
a very special day.
the son had school
for his annual day practice.
so, it was upto us girls
to ignore the blackster completely.
she basked in being the 'only one,'
dressed in pink
with a hairband of cheerful cupcakes,
demanding and lapping
all the attention.
we had deep conversations,
some gleeful male bashing
(i do, still, love you, my son)
lots of cuddles
and the piece de resistance...
a Barbie movie :D

for her, who takes her tv commercials very seriously,
yet, cannot bear to dunk her oreos
in plain white milk

i kissed her cheek
and asked, how she smelt so nice.
she says, its because she put soap bubbles
like whiskers on her face
when she took a bath.

day 18 ~ drink
her orange juice and my apple juice
later in the morning.


yesterday, late evening this blog, my blog, crossed 5000 page views. Oh Emm Gee!


Shalini said...

Sounds delightful! Love her comment on how she smells so nice :-)

shilpa said...

oh she can go on and on :)